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Interior and Exterior Vehicle Detailing in Abilene, TX

Your vehicle is an investment, which means you want to keep it looking new and smelling fresh for years to come. Even if you keep up with maintaining its appearance, you’ll still find traces of dirt and debris. When we wash your vehicle by hand, we can thoroughly inspect your car’s interior and detect of bigger problems, such as small cracks in your windshield or chipped paint.

Your car is a breeding ground for germs. Our pros can get to all the crevices where bacteria can lurk. So, while you’re preserving the aesthetics of your interior, you can also preserve your family’s health. Ask us about our ozone treatments for odor removal and check out our Purteq Vehicle Disinfectant Treatment.

We use cutting-edge equipment and cleaning products, along with our years of experience, to give your car the special treatment it deserves.

Trust the professionals at Abilene Auto Spa for your interior and exterior car detailing needs.

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Our Detailing Packages


Interior Only
• Shampoo Carpets
• Shampoo Seats
• Leather Cleaned / Reconditioned
• Spot Clean Headliner
• Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
• Trunk Cleaned
• Air Purge Vents, Cracks, Crevasses
• All Compartments

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(4 – 6 Hours)
*Extra charge for any pet hair, excessive food, or excessive dirt.
Full Detail
• Shampoo Carpet
• Shampoo Seats
• Leather Cleaned / Reconditioned
• Clean Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
• Air Purge Between Seats & Console
• Hand Car Wash
• FEYNLAB Paint Protection
(3+ Months of Protection)
• Tires, Wheels, Wheel Wells
• Windows
CALL FOR PRICING 325-692-1688

 (4 – 6 Hours)

Jeeps/Mid-Size SUVs 2 ROW

(4 – 8 Hours)

Trucks/Large SUVs 3 ROW/VANS

(6 – 8 Hours)

Dually & Lifted Trucks

(6 – 8 Hours)

*Extra charge for any pet hair, excessive food, or excessive dirt.


• Hand Car Wash & Dry
• Chemical Decontamination
• Leaves Paint Finish Smooth
• Ceramic TopCoat Protection
• FEYNLAB’s true nano technology and bonding
chemistry allow for an unparalleled level of
protection since the formula penetrates further
into the existing paint structure than anything
else available.
• Black Textured Plastic (Trim Pieces)
• Headlights & Tailights Protected

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FEYNLAB CERAMIC LITE CARS *Extra charge for excessive bugs, tar, mud & lifted trucks.

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