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Self-Healing Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Abilene Auto Spa is the only provider in Abilene that can provide FEYNLAB coatings to protect and help maintain your vehicle’s value. We’re always searching for the latest and greatest methods of preserving the condition of your car, truck, or SUV, and this is one of them! With FEYNLAB ceramic coating you can enjoy a cleaner vehicle that boasts an unmatched shine and permanent gloss when you trust us to apply any of the exclusive FEYNLAB products we have available.

Find the Right FEYNLAB Coating For You


Feynlab Heal Plus
7+ Years of Protection
As the thickest coating on the market, the Heal Plus is an ultra-glossy coating that’s been over four years in the making.
The Heal Plus Coating eliminates micro-swirls and fine scratches. This coating will also heal itself instantly if heated to above 60 degrees.
Feynlab Heal Lite
5+ Years of Protection
This coating offers 60% healing ability when compared to the Heal Plus; however, it is durable and offers premium UV protection.
It also protects against bird droppings and bug etching.
Feynlab Ceramic V2
3+ Years of Protection
Ceramic V2 offers you magnificent hydrophobicity and high gloss appearance. It includes UV protection for your paint and is easy to maintain.
Have questions about these superior coatings? Give us a call. Our friendly team members are always happy to help!

Premium Car Care in Abilene, TX