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Hail Damage recovery

When you have no other choice but to park your car outside, it’s at risk for damage from the elements. One of the worst experiences is seeing your car covered in dents after a heavy storm. The sight of your precious ride covered with crater-like imperfections is enough to ruin your day!

The technicians at Abilene Auto Spa have completed countless hours of training in paintless dent repair. We know how to restore your vehicle’s condition for hail damage so that it looks like a hailstorm never even hit your vehicle.

If you need to involve your insurance company? No problem! If you want us to handle the claim for you we can do that as well. Our shop has great relationships with most insurance companies and the adjusters they will send out. Let us make this as stress free for you as possible.

Put our years of experience to work by scheduling an appointment with us to fix that hail damage at an affordable rate.

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