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Headlights Restoration Services

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Say Goodbye To Cloudy, Dim, or Yellow Headlights.

Your vehicle’s headlights are most likely made from plastic. While this makes them much lighter and more aerodynamic, it also brings about other problems. For instance, plastic naturally expands and contracts with temperature changes, allowing various chemicals and road material to become trapped on your headlights. The sun oxidizes these materials over time and causes them to appear yellow or brown, or looking dull or hazy.

headlight restoration

Old, faded headlights not only look unappealing from the outside, but they also inhibit you from seeing clearly on the inside! Abilene Auto Spa can restore your vehicle’s headlights to like-new condition! With our headlight restoration service, you’ll be able to rely on your bright, clear, safe headlights for the purpose they’re designed for: safe driving.

Premium Car Care in Abilene, TX