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How Self-Healing Coating Works

How Self-Healing Coating Works

It used to be that when you bought a car, you would have to get your car repainted when the paint got dinged or scratched too much. However, new technology has emerged that not only prevents the scratches, but is self-repairing. Now, when you purchase a new car (or one that’s new to you) you can apply self-healing ceramic coating that will prolong the beauty and life of your car’s paint.


At Auto Spa, we offer premium paint protection for your car, from OptiCoat ceramic coating to FEYNLAB self-healing ceramic coating to clear coat bra protection. When you’re ready to give your car the best paint protection available in Abilene, contact us today!


Here’s how self-healing coatings work.


FEYLAB Self-Healing Coating

Yes, waxing and sealing your car with an at-home kit can help buff a little shine into your car and offer a bit of protection. But you have to keep applying these products every few months, and they don’t offer a premium level of protection. FEYNLAB is a self-healing ceramic coating that lasts several years, so you don’t have to waste a precious Saturday every few months taking care of your car’s paint. It protects against chemicals, bird droppings, scratches, dings, and oxidation. When your car suffers a minor scratch or ding, the coating will heal instantly once it is heated to 140°F. You can use a blow dryer to reach this temperature if you’re not in the middle of summer, or expose the car to room temperature for a few days, and it’ll heal itself naturally.


OptiCoat Products

OptiCoat car paint protection is another self-healing ceramic coating, but it works on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The OptiCoat Pro can protect your car for up to five years, and the Gloss Coat can protect your car for up to two years. The cool thing about OptiCoat is that it works on your paint, glass, metal, and hard plastic surfaces.


For the interior of your car, OptiCoat can protect the leather and vinyl in your car for up to five years. The beauty of this is that it creates a waterproof surface to protect against spills while remaining flexible and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the leather cracking, aging, or becoming damaged or stained. The OptiCoat fabric protectant works for upholstered seats, carpet, and your floor mats. It repels liquids and prevents the fibers from being rubbed off with wear or while cleaning.


Clear Coat Bra

Auto Spa’s clear bra paint protection keeps the front of your car safe from rocks and dings you’d normally encounter while driving. A clear bra is a film that’s applied like invisible armor and resists cracking. It works for about five years, and is removable when applied to factory paint.


Not sure where to start, or which self-healing coating is right for you? Not to worry! Give us a call at Abilene Auto Spa and we will discuss your needs to help you make the best choices. You will get a hassle-free quote, and we’ll get your work turned around quickly. Give us a call today!

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