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Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

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Opti-Coat Car Protection in Abilene, TX

Abilene Auto Spa is an authorized and certified installer of Opti-Coat ceramic coatings. Whether you would like to protect your vehicle’s paint or interior, there’s an Opti-Coat product that’s perfect for you. Our team of professionals will take great care to ensure every orifice of your vehicle is covered for maximum protection and performance over time.

We have different Opti-Coat and Opti-Guard coatings available for you, including the following:

Opti-Guard Leather with 5-Year Protection – For your leather and vinyl surfaces, this coating offers protection from cracking, color transfer, staining, and premature aging.

Opti coat coatings

Opti-Coat Pro or Opti-Coat Pro+ with 5- or 7-Year Protection – An aftermarket ceramic clear coat that protects your vehicle from environmental impacts.

Opti-Guard Carpet & Fabric with 5-Year Protection – Make your fabric seats, convertible tops, and carpets repel liquid without risking the condition of the material.

Premium Car Care in Abilene, TX