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SPS Graphene Coating

Surface Protective Solutions Graphene Coating

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Protect Your Paint with a Graphene Coating

Surface Protective Solutions is a U.S. based company specializing in the development and production of high-end surface & paint protection solutions.

Surface Protective Solutions Graphene coating provides your vehicle with a protective barrier between the surfaces of your vehicle and hazardous elements such as dirt, brake dust, tar, pollen, bird droppings and more.

It’s this protective barrier that makes routine maintenance easier by allowing these hazardous elements to be removed with less aggressive and potentially damaging wash methods. With an SPS coating, washing is needed less frequently.

You no longer need to spend hours waxing your vehicle every month. Old-school waxing becomes unnecessary as the advanced SPS Graphene coating replaces the need for an obsolete coating such as carnauba wax or a paste wax.

SPS Graphene coating provides an extremely wet, glossy look, enhanced reflectivity, and has both anti-fouling & UV resistant properties. It can also enhance the color of your vehicle’s paint, bringing out the true depth of the paint.

When properly installed, SPS Graphene Coating greatly decreases the potential for water-spotting. Overall, our Graphene coating is ideal for vehicles that spend the majority of their time outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Premium Car Care in Abilene, TX